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Theater of Epic - Rules Lite RPG that focuses on Theatricality!

Theater of Epic is an innovative tabletop roleplaying game that places a strong emphasis on theatricality. In this unique game, the traditional Player and Game Master roles are transformed into Director and Actors, respectively. Characters aren't generated by the Players themselves; rather, the Director customizes each character to suit the storyline and assigns them to the Actors. In some instances, characters may even be open for audition, adding an exciting dimension to the game's storytelling.

Why Theater of Epic?

Theater of Epic was carefully crafted to provide a straightforward yet deeply immersive system for players seeking to explore their acting abilities and embrace challenging roles. Within this game, the Director plays a pivotal role, setting precise guidelines that encompass character arcs, decision-making processes, and even monologues. Actors, in turn, must rise to the occasion and give their best performances to breathe life into their characters and effectively convey their parts.


Theater of Epic employs a straightforward system that makes use of the traditional polyhedral dice commonly found in many games. While its mechanics are purposefully structured to emphasize immersion and amplify theatricality, the game remains fully compatible with old-school RPGs and D&D retroclones. This flexibility ensures that players from diverse gaming backgrounds can seamlessly adapt to and enjoy the game.


ΤιμήΑπό 25,00 €

Summer Sale vol. 2

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