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These pages hold the keys to humans who spot secret doors as easily as do elves, thieves who sense illusions, half-ogre sword masters, and a multitude of other unique characters. Custom-craft your next PC, selecting the profession, skills, and abilities you want. Characters can even have additional ability scores such as Stamina, Muscle, Balance, and others. New proficiencies, talents, and updated psionics round out the Player's Option character.


  • Format Hardback | 210 pages
  • Dimensions 216 x 286 x 12.7mm | 680g
  • Publication date 01 Aug 1995
  • Publisher Wizards of the Coast
  • Publication City/Country United States
  • Language English
  • ISBN10 0786901497
  • ISBN13 9780786901494

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Player's Option: Skills & Powers 2e

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