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When killer magic is unleashed upon Cormyr, the Harpers know only one person has the power to save them: the legendary Storm Silverhand
Strange magic is on the loose in Firefall Keep—magic that kills. The mightiest War Wizards are baffled, and the shadow of destruction threatens valiant Harpers and nobles of the fair realm of Cormyr alike. With the Harpers in jeopardy, they are in desperate need of a hero . . . or heroine.
Enter the legendary Bard of Shadowdale, Storm of Silverhand. Raised by Elminster and in possession of great magical powers, she has led the Harpers in battle—and to victory—more than once. When the organization comes to her with news of the lethal and mysterious force now plaguing Cormyr, she knows her time has come once more: “It’s time to save the world again.”

Stormlight is the fourteenth book in a series of loosely-connected novels about the Harpers.


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