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The Book of Heroes will provide you with everything you need as a Player or a Game Master. It includes Races, Skills, Spells, Items, Mechanics, and all the necessary elements to start your game.



Grit System: Your Grit determines your performance in combat along with the Dice your roll and your Attributes. Shifts in combat occur and dynamics change all the time.

Classless System: Customize your character by choosing among various Domains including Combat Styles, Warfare, Magic, Craft, and Advanced Domains. You can also choose from premade Archetypes to help you get started.


Domain System: Each Domain can be broken down with tremendous detail. A Warrior can choose "Warfare" and from there can choose subcategories such as "Offense", "Defense", "Mobility", "Technique", "Range" or "Stealth" as fighting styles and gain maneuvers accordingly.


Advanced Domains: Unlock Advanced Domains by combining basic ones. For example, Combine Warfare, Magic, and Music to unlock Bardic Combat or maybe Magic & Painting to unlock Shamanism.


Modular Magic: Combine Shapes & Effects to create unlimited variations. For example Fire Damage + Bolt=Firebolt | Fire Damage + Enchant=Flame Blade | Fire Damage + Wave=Firewave.  There are 10 Shapes including Bolt, Barrier, Armor, Enchant, Veil, Blast, Chain, Wall, Wave, Ring, and many variations from Spellbooks that will allow strategic combinations for spell casters!


Autonomous Development: Each player is responsible for the development of their character. Characters gain Effective Hours in the game to Practice, Study, Research, and Craft to gain experience at their own pace and develop skills. Characters can practice together for better results and roleplaying enhancement!


Fast & Cinematic: Combat is fast and cinematic, but also realistic. No modifiers, no mathematics, and difficult calculations. A simple mechanic that allows advantages and disadvantages that easily apply to everything and shifts constantly to keep everyone on edge.


Dark & Grim: No healing spells. Healers use surgery and applications to heal injuries. Weather Tables and Traveling mechanics add a layer of depth to the overall gameplay experience. Death lurks in every corner but luckily, you've got more than Dice to survive. Strategy prevails over Dice.

Meteor Tales: Age of Grit - Book of Heroes

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