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METEOR TALES (of lore untold) 2nd edition Core Rules.

Written by: Angelos Kyprianos.

Artwork by: Charidimos Bitsakakis.

This is the complete guide that introduces you to the game of Meteor Tales. Use this book to create fascinating characters according to your preference and start a true, inspired, well designed, Roleplaying Game that features:

  • Realistic combat system with vulnerable characters deprived of the safety of "Levels".
  • Unique magic system that requires roleplaying and skills for the tracking and usage of catalysts for spells and rituals.
  • Character creation process through 10 Steps/Chapters that produces rich backgrounds and deep, realistic characters that do not revolve around a Race+Class formula.
  • In Game Development of characters allowing each Player to be in control of their own development in terms of Experience Points, without relying on the Story Teller.


Meteor Tales - 2nd Edition Core Rules (PDF)

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